What I’m Up to Now

Updated 10/24/22

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Passive House Building

Working on my Certified Passive House Consultant Training. Just finished the coursework for Phase I and getting ready to schedule my exam.

Getting ready to attend PhiusCon 2022 in Chicago where I’ll also be voluteering.


Focusing on building community. What I’d really like is to have a community of other families that parent from the RIE approach. It’s always hard doing something differently so my goal is to meet others who share my enthusiasm for the RIE approach and grow the community in Chicago.

Continuing to Get to Know Myself

I’m continuing to follow my interests and make connections between things. I’m really focused on following my “yeses” and honoring my “nos.” The pandemic was a huge impetus in this process and gave me the space to realize how much I was giving in to other’s expectations. While there were awful things that came from the pandemic, one of the benefits was that it helped my family to better establish our own rituals and to create a life that felt much more supportive to how we wanted to live.

Starting the Process of Moving

We’ve been thinking about moving for about 7 years now but it’s starting to actually feel real now. I think it’s finally the time to go. I’m getting very serious about doing the work to figure out where we want to be for this next chapter of our lives.